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3 Advantages of Billboard Advertising

It’s likely that you drive past several billboards throughout your daily commute and you probably remember what was on many of them. As a large scale advertising option, there is no easier way to increase the visibility of your products or services to many different people each day. If you are considering adding billboard advertising … Continue reading "3 Advantages of Billboard Advertising"
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Advertising Co-op secrets

Co-Op Advertising Money Can Pay For Part (or All) Of Your Billboard! Your company may qualify for Co-op advertising money from your suppliers/manufacturers (vendors) to assist in paying for your billboard. Millions of dollars in co-op funds are not utilized each year because retailers are unaware of the funds which are available. Co-op advertising utilized … Continue reading "Advertising Co-op secrets"
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Billboard Fun Facts

Stokely Outdoor has been Tulsa’s premiere partner for outdoor advertising since 1978. With over 150 billboard locations, we are ready to fulfill your the advertising needs of your company. Still not sure if billboard advertising is the right solution for you? Check out these compelling statistics then contact us today to get started! 72% of … Continue reading "Billboard Fun Facts"
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