Advertising Co-op secrets

Co-Op Advertising Money Can Pay For Part (or All) Of Your Billboard!

Your company may qualify for Co-op advertising money from your suppliers/manufacturers (vendors) to assist in paying for your billboard. Millions of dollars in co-op funds are not utilized each year because retailers are unaware of the funds which are available.

Co-op advertising utilized by retailers mentions the vendor in their ad, who in turn pays the retailer for part (or all) of the cost of the advertising. Co-op funds are a win/win because the retailer and the supplier have the same goal: drive sales.

Co-op programs can also help strengthen business relationships while increasing sales and profits. The advertising can be utilized to promote established products/services or launch new items. Your billboard is a daily reminder of your brand for those driving in your marketing area.

How do you obtain co-op advertising money? ASK!

Talk with your suppliers/manufacturers to learn what co-op dollars are available. Learn how their logos and artwork are to be utilized on your billboard. It also always helps to have a healthy working relationship with the rep who in in charge of your account. If, for some reason your
supplier/manufacturer does not offer co-op advertising money, you may want to look for a vendor who does.

The attached Billboard Fun Facts Sheet can help you and your suppliers justify the investment of co-op advertising money for your billboard.

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