What Role Does ODOT Have In Billboard Advertising?

What Role Does ODOT Have In Billboard Advertising?

Following the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, state agencies have taken on new responsibilities. As an administrative department of the Oklahoma state government, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, or ODOT,  is most well-known for its efforts to monitor and maintain transportation networks across the state. However, you may be surprised to learn that ODOT is also responsible for the regulation and control of outdoor advertising.

The primary role that ODOT has in billboard advertising is ensuring that all billboards are erected and maintained on controlled routes while remaining regulated by the rules and regulations that have been implemented by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. This not only preserves the beauty of Federal-aid highways, but it also ensures convenience and travel enjoyment are maintained or enhanced for years to come.

To help target illegal billboards while also correctly collecting revenue from compliant billboards, ODOT’s Oklahoma Billboard Control and Removal Program created a public inventory of all billboards available along Oklahoma’s scenic highways. If legal action is needed, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will work with law firms to remove non-compliant billboards.

Stokely Outdoor is committed to providing effective billboards that remain compliant with all rules and regulations that have been set forth by ODOT. We are committed to ensuring that Oklahoma’s scenic highways remain beautiful while still effectively meeting the advertising needs of our clients. If you are ready to get started, we can help find the most effective billboard location to reach your target audiences and make the most impact.


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