Is Billboard Advertising Effective in a Digital World?

Is Billboard Advertising Effective in a Digital World?

As our lives become more intertwined with the internet and burgeoning technologies, digital marketing has become a staple for many businesses that are attempting to expand their reach and sell more products. However, as digital advertising technology continues to expand so to do the methods to block them out. Regardless of what modern trends may convey, billboard advertising still proves to be one of the most effective strategies available in a digital world.

Think about how many ads you see daily online. While you can recall they were there, you likely don’t remember what the content of the ads you saw were or just vaguely remember the brand that was prominently displayed on them. Put simply, pop-up ads are typically quickly closed before the ad has any time to sink in or you are more focused on the skip button than you are the actual ad content. This crucial distinction is what sets billboard advertising apart from digital strategies.

Unlike digital advertising, billboard advertising is unavoidable and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that you are receiving constant exposure and your ad recall will inevitably be higher as your billboard design makes a lasting impression. This is even further compounded if seen multiple times throughout the week during a work commute.

While it’s easy to just explain the advantages of billboards, it makes more sense to show you the power they still have. According to, Cracker Barrel is investing nearly 49% of their marketing budget on billboard advertising simply because it works. Their success is achieved by placing billboards near exits and interstates to target road trippers that may need to stop and eat. However, this isn’t the only strategy that is effective for billboard advertising.

With the rise of digital marketing, there is actually an opportunity to incorporate digital strategies with your billboard designs. This can include adding an easily remembered or short URL or encouraging audiences to visit your social media accounts for more information. As digital marketing continues to flourish, billboard advertising will also continue to adapt in 2019 and beyond to maintain effective strategies.

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