How Important Is Your Billboard Design?

How Important Is Your Billboard Design?

During your commute, you likely have seen what you would consider a bad billboard. Whether the image on the billboard is unflattering or there are glaring errors in spelling, nothing can make your billboard more ineffective that not taking the time to create a great design. In this article, we will explain why your billboard design is important and some factors you should keep in mind throughout the design process.

Why Is Your Billboard Design Important?

Your billboard is a 24-hour reflection on your business that is visible to anyone that passes by. In some cases, this may be the first impression that potential customers have on your business and can be detrimental if it doesn’t perform as intended. Taking the time to create an effective and great-looking billboard design will help ensure that your message is received as positively as possible.

How Can You Create a Great Billboard Design?

When designing your billboard art, it is important to keep a few different factors in mind. This includes identifying what the intended purpose of the billboard will be and the best ways to convey that. Like any other advertising, your billboard should serve a specific marketing purpose to spur potential customers to do an intended action.

It is also important to limit the amount of text included in the design to make it legible and able to be read quickly. If your audiences are unable to properly read the billboard while driving, it likely won’t perform very well. In most cases, you will want to use eye-catching colors, 5 words maximum in a large font and a simple design with limited distractions.

Why Choose Stokely Outdoor?

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