Can Billboards Help with Public Relations?

Can Billboards Help with Public Relations?

While traditional public relations firms worked to gain free exposure by building connections with local newspapers, the modern strategies employed by professionals have evolved with the digital age. Unlike traditional marketing efforts that are used to generate sales, public relations is generally employed to build a brands image and create name recognition. As you may already know, there is no easier way to build brand recognition and enhance your public relations than using a larger-than-life billboard.

Many modern public relations firms have shifted their strategies from print sources to the Internet. And rightfully so, this medium has opened brand new doors to directly contact publishers and see quick results from a press release. However, modern public relations strategies are about much more than just writing and disseminating press releases to the masses online. This is where a billboard comes in.

Most brands see billboards as a static ad to promote their products and services, much like what you would see in a magazine. Although this is still a common use for billboards, they also provide great opportunities for public relations firms to display their client’s mission or expose their cause to a wide local audience to build even more buzz. Unfortunately, this strategy is often overlooked by public relations firms because their focus has been consistently on digital in recent years.

Put simply, the more people that are exposed to your brand, the higher the chances you have for success. With large exposure rates, billboard advertisements are the best dollar for dollar investment you can find to get the word out about your business. The beauty is that you don’t even need to craft a strong marketing message, particularly if you are just interested in improving your brand’s image or name recognition.

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