Are Billboards Effective for Marketing an Event?

Are Billboards Effective for Marketing an Event?

Each day, commuters are faced with a variety of billboards on their way to and from work. While these can vary from promotions to new store openings, you would likely be surprised to learn how effective billboards are for marketing an event. The key to successfully marketing an event with billboard advertising is creating an appealing and eye-catching design that leaves a lasting impression on your target audiences.

With so much time being spent online, many event planners are wondering if out-of-home advertising, like billboards, is still an effective way to spread the word about upcoming events. The truth is, there are many missed opportunities for advertisers that stick to the belief that people are never looking up from the screen of their mobile devices. But how can you successfully reach these people with billboard advertising while marketing an event?

In many cases, marketing an event requires you to play the numbers game to build your potential attendee pool and establish ticket sales. Simply put, the more billboard locations you utilize, the more exposure your event will receive. This, in turn, can be translated directly into verified attendees that have RSVP’d for your event simply from knowing the option was available.

It is important to remember that simplicity is better with billboard advertising because of the short window of time your target audiences will have to absorb it. However, it is important to ensure you have an effective call to action to achieve the desired outcome. In many cases, this can be leveraged to direct your audiences to a landing page where they can directly purchase tickets for the event.

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