Improve Your Advertising Portfolio with Out Of Home Media

Improve Your Advertising Portfolio with Out Of Home Media

Modern businesses that have invested a large portion of their advertising budgets into digital marketing may be missing out on other effective options available in their local area. Out of home media, or OOH, encompasses a wide variety of media formats that are ready to prominently display your branding. In this article, we will explain what out of home media is and why you should add it to your advertising portfolio.

Because billboards are so large, they are perhaps the most well-known component of out of home media. For this reason, they are generally one of the common media formats that advertisers will seek out in the OOH arena. However, they are far from the only option that is available if you are willing to look into other options that may be available. Some examples of other out of home media formats include posters, transit shelters, taxis, airport media and bus wraps.

With over 200 different media types available under the umbrella of out of home media, there’s a good chance that there are options you have overlooked simply because you didn’t realize they were available. Combining a billboard with other OOH options can create a cohesive message that will last in your audience’s memory. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your digital marketing efforts to create a cohesive plan that targets your audiences wherever they may be.

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Why Choose Stokely Outdoor?

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